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The development of a culture of learning increases the possibilities and the potential of individuals and provide operational efficiency, which in turn increase the growth and development of work, and here comes our turn and main role, we are the International Training and  Consultation Center , where we put your organization of the summit of the role of competitive, and to our recognition that employees and organizations are the greatest wealth and the main reason for the development of society.

What is the International Training and  Consultation Center ?
 International Training and  Consultation Center of leading institutions in the Middle East region, which was established its head office in Alexandria, Egypt in 2002 to extend its branches over the following years to include branches inside and outside Egypt, in several Arab, European, Asian and American countries...
The ITCC is a scientific initiative in the field of professional training ... It present a set of training programmes and consulting services of high quality and efficiency to many of the ministries, institutions, organizations and major companies in various fields in the Middle East, especially the Arab world, and to solve problems and obstacles that hinder the performance of individual and institutional development, and development and thus ensure that training solutions for the development of the capacities of personnel at the site of their work , which makes the sessions of theInternational Training and  Consultation Center the most appropriate solution to achieve the goals of change and development.


Upcoming Courses

Course Name Location Starts Duration
Financial and accounting standards and regulations and advanced financial planning and budgeting  cairo 7/6/2020 5 days
Recent trends in auditing and controlling the risks of financial fraud kuala lumpur 7/6/2020 5 days
Groundwater wells Istanbul 7/6/2020 5 days
Modern standards for internal control in the banking sector kuala lumpur 7/6/2020 5 days
Integrated program in the organization and management of the ceremony, protocols, conferences and art of reception and hospitality cairo 7/6/2020 5 days
Advanced trends for procurement and bidding systems and contract management cairo 7/6/2020 5 days
Project Management and Compliance: Planning, Scheduling and Control Paris 7/6/2020 5 days
Advanced trends to analyze and evaluate the offers presented to marketing and procurement managers cairo 7/6/2020 5 days
Environmental Assessment of the Engineering Projects cairo 7/6/2020 5 days
Modern trends for security and safety actions Paris 7/6/2020 5 days
International auditing standards for developing due diligence and compliance mechanisms Dubai 7/6/2020 5 days
Advanced digital indexing and archiving and electronic document management (EDMS) Alexandria 7/6/2020 5 days
Managing Risk in Projects Dubai 7/6/2020 5 days
Excellence in strategic business management and evaluation of goals, plans and policies Dubai 7/6/2020 5 days
Creative performance in business strategies and quality customer service Sharm El-Shikh 7/6/2020 5 days
Use of reclaimed water for irrigation, management, design and irrigation systems used therein Istanbul 7/6/2020 5 days
Application of the Eurogap standards in the organic farming product kuala lumpur 12/6/2020 5 days
Modern irrigation systems / spraying and dotting Dubai 14/6/2020 5 days
CFM Certified Financial Director Dubai 14/6/2020 5 days
Financial control in government units Dubai 14/6/2020 5 days
Modern irrigation systems Jeddah 14/6/2020 5 days
Budgets and costs in the oil sector Dubai 14/6/2020 5 days
Auditing and inspection in the banking sector Dubai 14/6/2020 5 days
Course of securing Fire & General Accidents Dubai 14/6/2020 5 days
Integrated approach to prepare the leaders of the Public Relations and Media Dubai 14/6/2020 5 days
Integrated skills in project management, planning and evaluation kuala lumpur 14/6/2020 5 days
Excellence and comprehensive quality management for human resources, personnel affairs and administrative development Dubai 14/6/2020 5 days
Standards of safety and security of facilities and identify the sources of hazards and preventive measures to address them kuala lumpur 14/6/2020 5 days
Planning , follow-up, leader-ship and the development of an innovative business environment Muscat 14/6/2020 5 days
Methods of control and auditing of misappropriations and financial fraud London 14/6/2020 30 days
Soil cultivation techniques and irrigation fertilization systems London 21/6/2020 5 days
Creative planning, forecasting and budgeting and cost control Dubai 21/6/2020 5 days
auditing based on the risk cairo 21/6/2020 5 days
The basics and techniques of sustainable agriculture London 21/6/2020 5 days
Insurance risk management cairo 21/6/2020 5 days
Creativity in creating a mental image and managing corporate reputation cairo 21/6/2020 5 days
PMP Project Management Istanbul 21/6/2020 5 days
Environmental emergency room management cairo 21/6/2020 5 days
Safety and security management in universities and educational facilities Istanbul 21/6/2020 5 days
The role of the internal auditor in reducing the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing cairo 21/6/2020 5 days
Executive leadership, evaluation and analysis of challenges and strategic planning Dubai 21/6/2020 5 days
Developing Legal Secretarial skills Istanbul 21/6/2020 5 days
Fifty accounting for purchases and stores  Istanbul 21/6/2020 5 days
Planning and coordination of parks and gardens cairo 28/6/2020 5 days
Financial analysis and accounting aspects of the audit Alexandria 28/6/2020 5 days
Administrative accounting methods Jeddah 28/6/2020 5 days
Protected agriculture and hydroponics Dubai 28/6/2020 5 days
Control and financial analysis in the petroleum industry Alexandria 28/6/2020 5 days
Agricultural investment Jeddah 28/6/2020 5 days
quality management in banks Alexandria 28/6/2020 5 days
Drafting technical specifications for the procurement and preparation of bids requirements Alexandria 28/6/2020 5 days
Planning, scheduling and preparing projects Jeddah 28/6/2020 5 days
Managing personnel affairs with Saudi labor and worker system applications Alexandria 28/6/2020 5 days
Administering Microsoft System Center 2016 Operations Manager Dubai 28/6/2020 5 days
Strategic Planning for occupational safety and risk management processes Jeddah 28/6/2020 5 days
Combating money laundering and terrorist financing of chartered accountants Istanbul 28/6/2020 5 days
Effective communication dynamic and body language Alexandria 28/6/2020 5 days
HR Performance Management Skills for Senior Managers Dubai 28/6/2020 5 days
Project Management Office Alexandria 28/6/2020 5 days
Government accounting in light of international standards  Jeddah 28/6/2020 5 days

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